Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters of Church of God

Sabbath greetings to you, your blessed family, Sabbath friends, pastors and all in the mighty name of God

I would like to introduce myself as a servant of God declaring the sabbath truths for the last 12 years.  By the grace of our almighty God I established 2 congregations in midst of orthodox Hindus and heathen people.  Most of the people are Sunday worshippers. I have also been running Sabbath school providing food and clothing. My life aim is to educate them to train up in Sabbath and make Sabbath pastors.  We are all observing weekly sabbath on Saturdays. 

Our sabbath worship service starts from sunset at 6:00 P.M.and finishes saturday sunset at 6:00 P.M.  We observe Holy Days respectively.  Now we are in Feast of Trumpet .

Dear beloved Brothers and sisters ,I am an extremely poor facing many hindrances to feed my poor family, sabbath school children.  Our sabbath flock is very poor so as to unable to offer tithes and sacrificial offrings to enhance the sabbath truths to many distant places.  We need your sabbath stewardship to carry on the truth to revert many soild in advancement of the kingdom of God.  Please encourage us spiritually and financially.  We need your constant prayers to make success of our future vision.  Please introduce your sabbath friends to help us to lead our sabbath services to many our reach areas. We need all sorts of your help.  We can pray for the daily improvement of your sabbath work. Please unite us into your sabbath fellowship and send your charity liberally and generously.  If you can our Lord shall bestow upon crown of righteousness in eternity.  Please send Holy days love gift.

Please continue to pray for our Sabbath worship services, sabbath school children and sabbath flock.

Here we are all constantly praying for all your sabbath services.  We are all fervently praying for all your endeavours.  We are prayerfully expecting your kind mail

May God bless you and over there.

Your humble Brother in our Lord


My postal Address is :


H.NO : 3-12



W.G.DT., A.P.,




And Another letter:

Dear Beloved Friend in God

Sabbath greetings to you your blessed family,  your sabbath friends and all in the mighty name of God

Brother ,Thank you so much for giving reply.  I wonder that you are also keep the feast of Trumpet on Thursday Sep 9,2010.  During the feast we remembered all of you to have joy, peace, prosperity and healthy of life. Brother I have no own web site like Dr.David Aniton of    

I wonder that you have been a sabbath keeper for about 60 years.  Here our sabbath worship is going for many years. Thank you very much for remembering our sabbath school children.

Dear beloved Brother we are too praying for your  business.  We are all an extremely poor and hard to carry on the sabbath truths to many distant places.  Some times we do not have food.  Even though we are all labouring in our lord to spread of the sabbath truths.  Please move with compassion towards us and send your generosity to maintain our sabbath school.  Our sabbath school children are praying for your blessed family, wishing you to have joy peace and healthy of life.  We pray God to strengthen our sabbath fellowship to revert many souls towards sabbath worship.  We need your spiritual material, sabbath school children love gifts, and charities.  We need your long term fellowship.

Please also share our sabbath children activities with your friends and request them for each and every one.  I cordially invite you to visit our country to teach your material in our country.  Let us praise God in spirit and in truth.

Please pray for all of are all in our deep prayers.   May God bless you all

Yours in Him,